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Gonzaga University

August, 2022

Gonzaga University is located on 152 acres in Spokane, the second largest city in the state of Washington. Downtown, with all its amenities, is an easy walk from campus. Close to the city are five ski resorts and two state parks, so students have a great mix of city and outdoors.

As a midsize, Jesuit university, at Gonzaga there is a focus on social justice, teaching, and learning by doing. In a non-pandemic year, students give over 100,000 hours of service back to the community. There are almost 5,000 undergraduate students, 82% of whom come from over 200 miles away, representing 32 different faiths. There is an 11:1 student faculty ratio, a 92% student retention rate, a 77% four year graduation rate, a 96% success rate, and the average class size is 23


At Gonzaga, there are five undergraduate colleges, but all students must complete the same core education requirements that address the deeper questions of human existence. Students are required to take one religion course during their time at Gonzaga, but the approach to religion is seen as an invitation not a requirement. All courses are taught by professors, and the philosophy is to be contemplative in action, and develop future leaders.

  • The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest program and places an emphasis on experiential learning. Students on pre-professional tracks can choose any major while completing the academic requirements for that field. The University of Washington-Gonzaga University Health Partnership is a new program with a brand new building (which also houses the department of human physiology). GU is the first private institution to join WWAMI and medical students at University of Washington can now complete their first 18 months at GU in Spokane.

  • The School of Business Administration offers a Bachelor of Business Administration with majors in accounting or business administration. For those hoping to become CPAs, there is a 5 year track. There are a number of minors available, and the Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program is open to students with any major. The New Venture Lab is a student run organization that works with local entrepreneurs to help develop new products and business ventures. 

  • The School of Education offers degrees in physical education and special education and students majoring in other fields can get a teaching certificate. All students in the School of Education begin working in the Spokane public school district during their freshman year.

  • The School of Engineering is housed in three buildings including the new integrated science and engineering building. The four engineering majors do require direct entry at admission, but the other majors are open to all students. There is a manufacturing technology center where students can build their projects, and there is an engineering Living Learning Community.

  • The School of Nursing and Human Physiology offers two degrees. Direct entry is required for the nursing program and human physiology is housed in the just-opened WU-GU Health Partnership building

The visual and performing arts are open to all students. One fun fact-the recently completed Myrtle Woldson Performing Arts Center was made possible by a generous gift from Myrtle Woldson. Her only requirement in the construction was that the center include an exact replica of her living room. The Center for Student Academic Success is the tutoring center, it is free to all students, and the tutors are fellow students.


Community is an important part of the Gonzaga experience, and to foster this there is a two year residency requirement. There is traditional dorm style housing, suite style, and apartments. The Hemmingson Center is the main student center with lounges, study space, the main dining hall, and coffee shops and snack spots. Of note, the dining hall has “six restaurant-style stations” including one that is free of the eight most common allergens. Study abroad is popular and about two thirds of students participate. The most popular program is Gonzaga in Florence. There is an emphasis on career preparation, 78% of students complete experiential learning, there are 1500 alumni mentors, and a Zags Connect site that is like LinkedIn. GU Outdoors plans trips and rents equipment. The health center offers free counseling to students.


Basketball is big at Gonzaga. Sport tickets are free for students, but seating is on a first come first serve basis, and to get the tickets, students must order them at 12:15 exactly on the day before a game. The big games take place on Saturdays. For these games, on the Thursday before the game, at 12:15 exactly, the Kennel Club (school booster club) will tweet a location. Students race to that spot to find the Kennel Club member and take a number. On Friday evening, students go to “tent city” where there will be 200+ tents and they must have at least one member of their group in their tent at all times for a full 24 hours. The Kennel Club makes it fun by showing movies, playing music, and having games. When the basketball game starts, students get to enter based on their tent number. There are 15 DI sports and plenty of intramurals and fitness classes. 



Applications are reviewed with an emphasis on curriculum, grades and grade trends, the quality of writing, activities, quality of character as evidenced through letters of recommendation, and optional test scores. Last year, the middle 50% of applicants had an unweighted gpa range of 3.6-3.9 and ACT scores of 28-32. Interviews are open to all students, but particularly encouraged for students with a gpa below 3.2. Gonzaga doesn’t offer Early Action or Early Decision. December 1st is the deadline for applying, with a late consideration deadline of February 1st. 

Financial Aid:

To apply for Financial Aid requires only the FAFSA, but there is a priority deadline of December 1st. All students who apply are considered for scholarships, and all first year scholarships are guaranteed for four years. 98% of students receive financial aid and the average package is $32,000.

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