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Elon University

October, 2021

Founded in 1889, Elon University clearly predates Elon Musk (and the word Elon means oak tree in Hebrew). Set on 656 acres, the school is located in the small town of Elon, NC where most residents work in either education (at the university) or medical research (at LabCorp based in the next town). The campus itself is memorable for its traditional feel of classical brick buildings and wide green lawns.


Elon University has about 6200 undergraduate students and 800 graduate students with approximately 24% of students coming from NC, the remainder from 46 states (plus Washington DC) and 49 different countries. There are 5 schools and colleges that run on a 4-1-4 academic calendar. The one month Jan term offers the chance to study abroad or at a location within the US. The school boasts a 90% retention rate and a 79% 4-year graduation rate. New programs include a 4 year undergraduate engineering program, a full Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and accelerated programs. The student to faculty ratio is 12:1, the average class size is 20, and 87% students do internships. Behind the facts and figures though, is the "Elon Experiences". Research shows that students learn best when they have the opportunity to put their ideas and academic learning into practice. To this end, all students must complete the Experiential Learning Requirement by participating in two of the following: Global Learning (study abroad/study USA), Service Learning, Leadership, Internships, and Undergraduate Research. All students participate in the Elon Seminar that is 1 hour a week, is taught by a professor and peer educator, and is intended to help students create a 4 year plan. Peer tutors are available and are matched with specific classes, and all librarians specialize in a field to ensure a depth of knowledge. Final tidbit: for the anatomy and neurology students, there is a human cadaver lab in the science building.


Campus is divided into 7 "neighborhoods" that have a mix of residence halls and academic buildings. Themed housing is available and there are 3 dining halls on campus plus numerous cafes and coffee shops. On campus activities are extensive and they include: speakers, music and performing arts groups, theater performances plus Homecoming, Family Weekend,  and Founders Day. There are 284 clubs on campus, including club and intramural sports, and 17 NCAA DI sports. The Student Professional Development Center works with students to help them determine their career paths and helps with the job search and graduate school applications. Greek life is active on campus with about 42% of students joining one of the 25 fraternities or sororities. 


Students apply to Elon University, the only programs that are direct admit are Nursing and Performing Arts. GPAs are recalculated, and the average for admitted students is 3.4-4.4, the average ACT is 25-30, and the average SAT is 1160-1320. Student curriculum is of primary importance then extracurriculars, essay, and school report. If Elon is a student's first choice, please note this on the application. 

Financial Aid:

The required forms are both the FAFSA and CSS Profile, and merit scholarships are offered and there is a separate application for the scholarship programs.

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